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It starts with a phone call. Call Karen at 714.536.3224 to learn more.
It's all about YOU!
Writing an effective resume is easier said than done. Get the assistance that will get you noticed. At Niles + Associates we provide individualized service without the use of templates. This is a collaborative effort between us;  you provide the information, we put it together in an effective format, featuring your skills, experience and accomplishments.
What's the goal of a resume?

Goal One: Get past the 5 to 10 second test.

The resume reviewer will glance at your resume for about 5 to 10 seconds to decide if it's worth closer scrutiny.

Goal Two: Get past the 10 to 30 second test.

If you passed the 5 to 10 second test, closer scrutiny will last up to about 30 seconds for the reviewer to decide if you are aligned closely enough with the hiring company's needs to warrant further consideration, proceeding potentially to an interview.
What's the process?
Step 1 - Make the Call: Call Karen at 714.536.3224 to discuss your current situation and needs. With Niles + Associates' resume service you'll get a highly individualized process.
Step 2 - Terms + Conditions: Please read the TERMS and CONDITIONS. The document sets forth the obligations each of us have to make this a successful collaboration.
Step 3 - Your Current Resume: If available, please e-mail your resume as a Word doc. Careful evaluation and discussion will establish how we go forward together.
Step 4 - The Questionnaire: You will be asked to complete a questionnaire, which Karen will e-mail to you. It is designed to stimulate your memory about your work history, including dates of employment and your accomplishments.
Step 5 - Payment: If we decide to work together, an invoice will be e-mailed to you for your requested services. It will contain a link to PayPal where payment can be made. You do not need a PayPal account, and multiple methods of payment are accepted. By making payment for services, you accept the terms and conditions.
Step 6 - In-depth phone interview: After receipt of your resume (if available) and questionnaire, Karen will call you for an in-depth phone interview, plumbing for more information and to get a sense of your style to better prepare your individualized resume.
Step 7 - Document Preparation: Karen will prepare your requested documents, then e-mail to you for your review.

Step 8 - Your Satisfaction: Changes, additions, revisions, tweaking of documents, based on your input and further collaboration, will continue for a reasonable amount of time until you are satisfied. Your acceptance of purchased documents is made by responding to an
e-mail from Karen.

It starts with a phone call. Call Karen at 714.536.3224 to learn more.
What services are available and what are the fees?
Resume from scratch - $300
Resume makeover - $250
Resume revisions to target an alternative industry - $200
Cover letter for resume submission - $50
Additional Services/Quotes - Call 714.536.3224
It starts with a phone call. Call Karen at 714.536.3224.
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