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Need help filling positions? Niles + Associates recruits for you.

Need help finding a position? Niles + Associates is here for you.


Niles Associates, IncNiles + Associates is the leading PPE recruiter in the US. Work with the best by partnering with Niles + Associates.

"Come on in! Please make yourself comfortable, stay as long as you wish, and return often. We cordially invite you to learn about Niles + Associates and how we might be of service to you."         -Herb + Karen Niles


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If you have hiring needs, whether you are a large multi billion international company or a small manufacturer or distributor, Niles + Associates will team with you to find the best candidates that meet your needs. Of all PPE recruiters, Niles + Associates is the most closely connected to the industry, and stands ready to assist you. We work to sell candidates on your company and open positions, matching their work history, achievements and skills with your job requirements.

We also recognize that there must be a cultural fit, so you are reviewing resumes of individuals who will fit well with your company's philosophy and strategies.

Working with job recruiters is a cost effective, efficient way to solve your hiring needs. You can be assured that Niles + Associates will individually qualify candidates and ascertain their honest interest in pursuing your positions. Niles + Associates is the top choice in sales recruiting firms, one that saves you the opportunity cost of recruiting by presenting a choice of qualified candidates in a timely manner, and to fulfill each assignment with individualized, thorough service. We partner with you and remain flexible to work with you according to your procedures.

Please view the employers’ resources by clicking on the Employer tab, and let us know if there are additional topics you’d like us to address.


From the vantage point of candidates, you’ll find that working with manufacturing recruiters and distribution recruiters will make your job search smoother, and Niles + Associates is a leader among them. Niles + Associates also stands out among executive recruiting firms with it’s intimate connection to the broad PPE industry, candidate resources on its website and interview preparation. We listen to your career goals and work with you to help you find the position that you seek. Take advantage of the candidate resources by clicking on the Candidate tab, and let us know if there are additional topics you’d like us to address.

Niles + Associates knows great companies and great candidates, and we know how to bring the two together. We look forward to working with you in your safety job search!

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