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The Process of Working with a Recruiter

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Our mission: To save you the opportunity cost of recruiting.
All recruiters work a little differently. Here's how it works with us.
  Feedback flows both ways.
  Our process is designed to save your managers time and opportunity cost.
  We understand that you need flexibility from us. We try to fit ourselves into your protocols.
  • Mutual commitments, our guarantee and services.
  • Signed by your search manager or Human Resources manager.
  • Most of our work is on a contingency basis.
  • Providing us with your company's job description assures we know what you are looking for.
  • Pre-qualified candidates presented, always with the candidate's knowledge and permission.
  • Your feedback on submitted candidates assures search is on track.

  • Interviews arranged by Niles + Associates, at time/place of your choosing.
  • Number of candidates to be interviewed is your choice. Too many, and your search manager loses some of the opportunity cost-saving. We recommend paring your choices down to three; some clients are happy with one, some want up to five. It's a critical part of our service to sort out the choices for your greatest advantage.
  • Feedback from candidates obtained by Niles + Associates, then presented to your search manager. Your interviewer(s) feedback given to Niles + Associates, who then keep the candidates informed. Your search manager's time is utilized efficiently.

  • Reference checking is conducted by Niles + Associates per your request at no additional charge.
  • Background (criminal, DMV, credit, etc.) arranged by Niles + Associates per your request. Additional fees incurred.
  • Drug tests arranged by Niles + Associates per your request. Additional fees incurred.

  • Making offers and conducting negotiations is your choice. Some clients prefer to handle this themselves, others prefer we participate. We do need to be kept in the loop!
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