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Our Mission:
To save clients the opportunity cost of recruiting by presenting a choice of qualified candidates in a timely manner, and to fulfill each assignment with individualized, thorough service.
At its inception in 1995, Niles + Associates began as a recruiting and consulting firm, and has evolved into a single-focus recruiting company. We work for manufacturers, distributors and manufacturer rep groups of all sizes throughout the United States.

During his years in the corporate world, Herb did a lot of hiring, thus bringing a deep understanding of what hiring companies need and want.

Because of Herb's long career in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the safety industry has been our largest niche market, serving manufacturers, distributors and manufacturing rep groups. Under the broad umbrella of the PPE industry, we work in Fire Service, Homeland Security, Hazmat, Critical Environments, Gas Detection and Industrial (MRO).

With the help of Laura Hill, our AIRS-trained researcher, we are pleased to partner with hiring companies to find the valuable employees that contribute to their success.

Most of the positions we work on fall into the Sales, Marketing and Executive categories, though we have worked in other areas.

Niles + Associates attends the National Safety Congress (NSC), the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition (AIHAce), and the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) each year, and a few others from time to time.. We have also participated in the NIRA Conference (North American Industrial Representatives Association).


We love what we do, both on the job and in our "other" lives. On the job, it's great to be facilitators in getting employers and candidates together. As folks who like to be helpful, the recruiting business is right for all of us!

Get to know us a little, the journey we have taken to be in the business now, and what makes us tick!

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